Basic Window Cleaning 

What We offer 

Tired of looking through smudged and streaky windows? Nicole's Cleaning take care of it for you! Our Basic Window Cleaning service is designed for low-level buildings, providing a crystal-clear view and enhancing the overall aesthetics of your space.

 Our Basic Window Cleaning Package Includes:

Exterior Window Cleaning:

Thorough cleaning of exterior glass surfaces.

Removal of dirt, dust, and environmental residue.

Interior Window Cleaning:

Detailed cleaning of interior window panes.

Streak-free glass for a pristine finish.

Window Sill and Frame Wiping:

Cleaning of window sills and frames to remove accumulated dust.

Screen Dusting:

Gentle dusting or wiping of window screens.

Benefits of Nicole's Cleaning Window Cleaning:

Enhanced Visibility: Enjoy a clearer view and let more natural light into your space.

Improved Aesthetics: Clean windows enhance the overall appearance of your property.

Time-Efficient Service: We get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Suitable for:

Residential properties

Small businesses


Affordable Pricing:

Competitive rates for basic window cleaning services.

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Transform your space with Nicole's Cleaning Basic Window Cleaning service. Enjoy the clarity and brightness that sparkling clean windows bring!

"Spotless Spaces, Seamless Service"